Support the CPOS

The CPOS depends upon Patrons to help ensure the financial stability of the organization, so that we are able to continue to produce and perform the great Oratorio masterworks for audiences of the 21st century. Your tax deductible donations are used to directly offset rehearsal, parking and productions costs. Thank you for your support!

CPOS Patron

Please print this page, fill in the name / dedication blank exactly as you wish it to appear in the program, and mail it to the CPOS along with your tax-deductible, personal check to the address indicated. At the very bottom of this page, there is a link named "Print Page." Please click that link to get a page that will be friendly to your printer and your ink budget.

Please select your level of support, and print the name or dedication exactly as you wish it to appear in the program:

    • Founder - donation of $200 or more
    • Benefactor - donation of $100
    • Sponsor - donation of $75
    • Patron - donation of $50
Name / dedication:


To ensure inclusion in the program, please return this page not later than November 5 2017 to:

Central PA Oratorio Singers
c/o Pine Street Church
310 N 3rd St, Harrisburg PA 17101

Please remember to enclose your tax-deductible contribution in the form of a personal check, made payable to:

“Pine Street Church” 
    - and -
Include “CPOS” in the memo section.