Rehearsal Plans

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2016 Rehearsal Plan
Messiah Edition
G.F. Handel/ed. Shaw - Novello & Company Limited
"The Watkins Shaw 1992 edition is a clear, scholarly treatment of Handel's timeless work with extensive performance notes and marvelous appendices that give depth and substance to choral performances worldwide. Copyright: London: Novello & Company, Ltd. ©1992"
Bach Edition
Cantata No. 29 J. S. Bach/ed. Hans Grischkat - Carus-Verlag
"Bach, Johann Sebastian. Ed. Hans Grischkat Published by Carus-Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany. Copyright 1997. Cantata for the Town council election, based on the Stuttgarter Bach-Ausgaben. English version by Henry Drinker"
Bach Solo Parts
Auditions for Bach solo parts will commence after rehearsal on Sep 20. Please see below documents for individual parts.

Cyberbass Practice Links
 Messiah    Bach

2015 Rehearsal Plan

Sunrise Mass


Coronation Mass


2014 Rehearsal Plan
The Faure Requiem on Cyberbass appears to be broken at this time. Try this learnchoralmusic link as an alternative.
Video As part of the Year of Faith, Orphéon Three Rivers, with the collaboration of the Poor of St. Francis, performed the solemn Mass in C # Minor by Louis Vierne. Celebrant: Bishop Luc Bouchard.

Vierne - Solemn Mass - Quebec

Pronunciation, capisce?

2013 Rehearsal Plan ...
Work through all of part I
Work through all of part II
Focus on movements 1/2/3
Focus on movements 4/5
Focus on movements 6/7
11/5 & 11/12 
Final polish on all movements, in the sanctuary
11/16 Saturday
Dress rehearsal with Orchestra 10 am to 12:30 pm
11/17 Sunday Concert
2 pm - Arrive, seated in the sanctuary for warm-up
3 pm - Concert

SATB Voice Parts in midi format can be found here. Please contact me ( if you need help playing the files. 

Below are five concert performance videos for inspiration.


2012 Rehearsal Plan
Rutter Self Study
Chilcott Self Study
Friday Nov 2 - ("Makeup")
Rehearsal in the Sanctuary. Pick up literature on the way in.
Oct 30 - Canceled ("Hurricane Sandy")
Rehearsal in the Sanctuary. Pick up literature on the way in.
Oct 16 & 23
The next two rehearsals will be “first half” and “second half” rehearsals.
October 16
   Movements 1-4 of each Requiem.
October 23
   Movements 4-7 of each Requiem.This is “polishing” time.  No one should miss from here on out!
Oct 9
Major focus
   Lux Aeterna movements of both Requiem settings.
Minor focus
   Sanctus of Chilcott; The Lord is My Shepherd of Rutter.
Oct 2
A very EXCITING rehearsal – a DON’T MISS event! 
Rutter – Sanctus
Chilcott – Pie Jesu
And then - sing through both REQUIEM settings!
Sep 25
Memorize: et tibi redetur votum in Jerusalem (Chilcott, p. 7, ms. 54)
Speak sanctus (Chilcott) in rhythm three times daily
Primary work: Chilcott – 2. offertorio, 4. sanctus, 5. agnus dei, Rutter – 7. lux aeterna, 1. requiem aeternam
Secondary work: Rutter – 3. pie jesu, Chilcott – 7. lux aeterna
Sep 18
  • Rutter Agnus Dei
  • Chilcott Sanctus
  • Chilcott Offertorio
  • Rutter Requiem Aeternam
Sep 11
  • Rutter Out of the Deep and Agnus Dei
  • Chilcott Thou Knowest Lord and Sanctus
  • New work will be on the opening movements (Introit/Kyrie) of each REQUIEM setting

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Use soap and water; deodorant. But please refrain from perfumes, after-shaves and in general, the application of other exotic chemicals due to th
eir triggering of the immune system of the person next to you, including yourself."

English phonetic 'rrr' shall not be heard during the performance of any oratorio, ehvah!"

The Italian-Latin Pronunciation Proclamations

"Mova You Face!"

"English phonetic 'rrr' shall not be heard in the Latin!"

Italian-Latin Pronunciation Guide

Vowels Pronunciation Examples
a = ah
as in father ad, mater
e = eh
as in met te, video
i = ee
as in machine, feet in, qui
o = aw
as in bought gloria, omnis

u = oo

as in tutor, coo cum, summus
Double Vowels Pronunciation Examples
ae = eh
as in met prae, illae
oe = eh
as in met coelum, coepi
au = ah and oo
two distinct syllables aut, lauda
eu = eh and oo
two distinct syllables euge

Consonants Pronunciation Examples
c (before e,i, ae, oe)
as ch in church certus, cibus
as in ache Christus
g (before e ,i, ae, oe)
soft, as in gentle gens, agit
g (before other letters)
hard, as in go gratis, glo.
ny as in canyon angnus, ignis
silent except h sounds as k in mihi, nihil
j (or consonant i)
as y in yes Jesus, Justus
slightly rolled on the tongue carnis
as s in sing

sometimes light "z"
miser, fides

sc (before a, o, u or a consonant )
as sc in scope scutum, Pascha
sc (before e, i, oe, ae, and i)
as sh in shall descendit, scio
as t in ten Thomas
ti (when followed by a vowel
and proceeded by any letter
except s, t, or x)
as tsee bratia, etiam
x (in words beginning ex-
and followed by a vowel, h, or s )
as ks exaudi, pax
xc (before e, ae, oe, i)
as ksh excelsis =ekshelsees
as dz zizania

in = een; excelsis = ekshelsees; Deo = Deh-aw; hominibus = awmeeneeboos; te = teh; Jesu = Yeh-soo